Aquatic Crinum

Alani Davis
Thu, 10 Mar 2011 07:54:18 PST
Hey Eugene-
The HO lamps take T-5 bulbs, but I believe the T-# refers to the bulb
diameter although certain diameter bulbs are associated with certain types
of flourescent bulbs. There standard output T-5 bulbs for instance. I have
not tried them, but there are VHO (very high output) fixtures as well which
are T-12 size. The HO lamps (and VHO lamps) are higher wattage lamps. For a
comparison a standard output flourescent 48" bulb is a 40 watt bulb while a
48" HO bulb is 54 watts and a 48" VHO bulb is 110 watts. The HO bulbs are
quite a bit brighter than the standard bulbs.

Alani Davis

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