Leucojum aestivum cvs.?

Mark BROWN brown.mark@wanadoo.fr
Wed, 30 Mar 2011 23:24:22 PDT

I know that Gravetye Giant may take a couple of years for its extra large size and flowers to materialise.
But saying that, they are not that much bigger than any other form, just enough to warrant cultivation.
Re: yellow tips.This is surely a L.vernum form? This is called L.vernum var. 'Wagneri' variously. I have from Germany a form which is very good and stable called 'Eva Habermeyer'.I have never heard of a L.aestivum doing this trick.
There are quite a few cultivars being selected of L. vernum and some being sold by Joe Sharman at Monksilver Plants in Cambridgeshire in the U.K. But in all honesty they are only botanical oddities and vary so little as yet from the species.
The semi-double L. vernum 'Gretrude Weisser' is around.It is a north american selection.
I am still waiting for a true and beautiful double form of either of these species.
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> De : "James Waddick" 
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" I've grown L. aestivum for ages. I just noticed a first 
> flower on bulbs purchased as 'Gravetye Giant'. I bought bulbs with 
> this name specifically to compare it to the old unnamed variety grown 
> and seeding around. I can see no difference.
> I understand that there is a cv with yellow spots replacing 
> the green at the distal tips of each petal. Does such a cv exist ? 
> and what is it called?
> Are there any other cultivars or un-name variants available 
> in cultivation or from collectors?"

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