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You may want to look each of them up, not all are winter growers.  Galtonia, for one, includes only summer growing species, and can be started now.  The others are generally winter growers, but it depends on the species, eg some Moraeas and Rhodophilas are summer growers.  For winter growers, store your seed in their pkts until September or October, then start when temps begin to cool off, they do not germinate well or at all in warm temps.  Seed is best stored in the fridge, (not freezer), though everything on your list other than perhaps Rhodophiala (flat amaryllid seeds tend to die off after 6 months/1 yr or so at room temps) and  will store just fine at room temps if you are going to plant this coming fall.
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 Hello everyone,
 have been growing south African bulbs for a few years and now I am trying  to 
row seeds. I have the following seeds coming to me soon:
My understanding is that these would be planted in the fall (winter 
rowing-summer dormant) If I get them now should I keep them inside in the bags 
hey come in or put them in my  soil mix in a pot but keep them dry?
one 9
an Jose California
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