pest management was Damping off - Banrot

John T Lonsdale
Mon, 21 Mar 2011 06:15:27 PDT

I use the wettable powder - 400WP.  I've never had problems with fungus
gnats but if I did I'm sure I'd use something with Imidacloprid or a related
compound in it - something like Marathon.  The only insects I spray against
are aphids and I use the Imidacloprid for that.



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Did you used Banrot 400WP or 80G? I used copper oxychlorine weekly, i just
dusted the surface with it and than watered the cuttings.

I had terrible infestation of fungus gnats this year. I was able to kill
them with chlorpyriphos. Do you have anything useful for gnats in the US
other than Citation?

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