Aquatic Crinum

Eugene Zielinski
Wed, 09 Mar 2011 20:34:29 PST
By "high output fluorescent" do you mean T-5 bulbs, or T-8 bulbs?  Typical
fluorescent bulbs are T-12's, or at least that was the case 10 years ago.

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, GA

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> From: Alani Davis <>
> To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
> Date: 3/9/2011 2:14:16 PM
> Subject: Re: [pbs] Aquatic Crinum
>...They do like intense lighting and I
> first had luck with metal halide fixture (250 watt) but great tired of the
> down sides of having a small street light in my living room. I now use a
> high output fluorescent fixture with four bulbs which is about 6 inches
> the water surface. A previous experiment with a light box containing 6
> typical 48" flourescent bulbs was not really bright enough to keep the
> plants happy. These were all either daylight bulbs or special wave length
> bulbs designed for planted aquaria or a mixture of both...

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