Spring flowering in Kansas City; Galanthus woronowii

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Fri, 11 Mar 2011 11:47:15 PST
Re: Galanthus woronowii.
When visiting this species in it's native habitat it soon became clear that we are growing poor forms.
Low altitude forms down by the Black Sea are rather poor small flowered and leafy things.
The higher you climb the better the ratio flower to foliage is.Some of the highest altitude forms are fantastic large flowering and dwarfish plants.It just is a pity that in cultivation the lowland forms prevail.
Hunt around and maybe you will come across some?
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> Jim Waddick's zone 5 garden seems to be on the same schedule as my zone 7 garden.
> He wrote: "  G. elwesii -typical is a wimp here. Not even vaguely garden worthy I suspect it does not like our edge-of-prairie conditions."
> Galanthus elwesii is right at home here, but another widely marketed snowdrop, Galanthus woronowii, is not. I've had it in my garden for many years and it does not bloom for me. Yet the plants look fine. On the other hand a friend who gardens about a mile away gets good results with this one. The green (not glaucous) foliage of this one is handsome, but the bloom to stem ratio is a disappointment. 
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