European Romuleas

Arthur Dawson
Wed, 09 Mar 2011 12:24:39 PST
I can upload the photo if you're interested. On which page should I put it?


On Mar/09/11 07:36 , "Mary Sue Ittner" <> wrote:

>It's always good to get the words of caution about species that can
>be invasive. Romulea ramiflora does very well for me but has not been
>a problem. I've not tried it in the ground and it is not appearing in
>my other containers nor has it seeded itself around. But conditions
>in Northern California are very different than Southern California.
>Our list doesn't allow attachments so Arthur's photo was stripped
>from his message, but it looked like the photos we have on the wiki
>of Romulea ramiflora.
>Mary Sue
>>  I have one photo of the plant, taken in the pre-digital era, which
>> I attach, but I am not sure that it is not the well-behaved R.
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