south african amaryllids

Alberto Castillo
Wed, 16 Mar 2011 12:11:17 PDT
I would not object to purchasing from the development agency itself, after all they spend a lot of resources in their conservation work with no revenue.
Rescue work has been performed by volunteers in South Africa for decades. They invested time, fuel, effort, hard work and the goal was to relocate plants that were ti be destroyed by new developments, very often new roads, etc. In no case they even thought of making profit from the emergency.
Why not to support the few nurseries we know that spend lots of money travelling to collect seed in the wild to sell? Even the small amounts of bulbs and corms they occasionallly have for sale are typically immature, grown from seed. They evidently have the chance to collect from the wild material to sell and possibly make good mony from it if they wish too but their business is based on principles and decency. Some of them even state they do not sell SEED of endangered species.

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