Gladiolus aquamontanus
Wed, 02 Mar 2011 13:47:29 PST
I can't say this is the most vigorous gladiolus species I grow, but it never seems to want to go completely dormant, and the corms do not become really large, thusfar in my experience. I have not had it get to blooming size yet.  In nature it grows in very wet locations, so I imagine culture must be something like for G. cardinalis, eg it never wants to be completely dry. I also doubt that it will enjoy Texas heat and humidity in summer, so it may be best to find as cool a location for it during that time as you can.
Good luck.
Ernie DeMarie 
Tuckahoe NY  Some crocus and winter aconites are flowering now

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i All,

 have finally gotten some seeds of Gladiolus aquamontanus to germinate. I was 
ondering if anyone has any information about their growing cycle/conditions. 

o they need a dry period or should they be kept moist/wet during dormancy. etc.

ny info would be nice.

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