Philip Bolt
Tue, 22 Mar 2011 08:14:45 PDT

Thanks for the mail.

WRT Cardiocrinum from seed, I'm in contact with someone in Sweden who has no 
difficulty in getting seeds to germinate. He has winter temperatures of -25C 
and I'm considering putting seed into a freezer for a few weeks rather than 
using a 'fridge for stratification. However, can't do that until Autumn.

I'm gald you found the site of some interest.

Philip Bolt

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> What a very helpful dissertation. I have tried for several years to grow
> these from seeds as one gets handfuls of them from just one scape, using 
> all
> the  usual techniques and have yet to have a single one germinate.
> Your web page gives me more hope for the coming season. Many thanks
> Paul.
> Kent, UK
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