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Mark McDonough antennaria@charter.net
Wed, 09 Mar 2011 09:49:25 PST
Thanks Lauw, very good to get this feedback and to learn that steps are 
in place to finally rectify this misnamed Allium, and possibly the 
second one too. If I see a box of bulbs labeled as Allium neapolitanum 
'Cowanii' (just one "n" please) one day while buying autumn bulbs, I'll 
get a box and give them a try again, although here they need to be 
treated as forced bulbs as they are not reliably hardy when grown 

Thanks again for your efforts, most appreciated!


Mark McDonough
Massachusetts, USA
USDA Zone 5

> From: contact@bulbargence.com, Re: White Onion
> Hello Mark, Jim Mc and all,
> Here is the answer of Johan van Scheepen KAVB., quickly translated: 'I 
> think that is about right:  Allium cowanni is a >synonyme of A 
> neopolitanum. In the next comittee meeting I shall propose, that the 
> currently sold Allium cowanni  will go >under the name A neopolitatum 
> 'Cowannii'  (see index Hortensis (1998) page 75; But the RHS 
> plantfinder puts these species >in a 'Cowannii group" which I contest 
> and will also be discussed in the next committee.  The results will be 
> published in the 'Bloembollen visie'.
> Allium murryanum will be next on the discussion list."
> Kind greetings
> Lauw de Jager
> http://www.bulbargence.com/

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