Ledebouria socialis...maybe?

dave s wusong@evilemail.com
Fri, 25 Mar 2011 15:55:17 PDT
I asked about the plant *Ledebouria socialis* "Miner" (named in a rare fit
of Steve-Hammeritude by John Trager) a while back, nd no one had any ideas.
I just thought I'd float the question out there again:  Does anyone know the
origin of this plant? It seems to have a slightly different activity cycle
from other forms of socialis.  Not by much, but... Also, (forgive me)
anybody want to trade some for socialis clones WITH LOCALITY DATA?

Furthermore, I am heartened by the plaudits for my eye of newt suggesion.
If you have any other questions on my somewhat unorthodox gardening
techniques, ask them quickly - I sold my soul to the Prince of Darkness for
protection against brown scale many years ago, and the bill comes due

- Dave

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