Tropaeoleum tuberosum

Peter Taggart
Tue, 31 May 2011 12:14:53 PDT
I grow this plant in England, I bought it as the form Ken Astlet but I don't
know if it is this form. Provided the frosts arrive late,  it flowers for
me, normally September / October. I have seen it at Arleigh Hall in England
covering hedges in much the same way as T speciosum can. The flowers and top
growth will survive light frosts. The tubers like light humus rich soil and
always form on or near the surface. It survived last winter which was
unusually cold here at -20 C and is growing well. I never got it to advance
to flowering untill I put it in a warm open and sunny position. In a cooler
more shelterd position it just makes lots of leaf here.

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