Peony season 2011

Robin Hansen
Fri, 06 May 2011 21:19:45 PDT
Here at the coast Paeonia cambessedessii bloomed in the cold greenhouse and is now setting seed.  But absolutely nothing else is acting as though it's anywhere near time to bloom, and usually some of the tree peonies are at least well-budded.

We are still experiencing below-normal temperatures for this time of year, as, in fact, we have for several months.  Even the fruiting cherries are weeks late.

Robin Hansen
North Bend, Oregon, USA
Southwest coast
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  Jim Waddick reported on a number of early peonies in flower in Kansas 
  City. Here in Portland, Oregon, not a single bud has opened yet. Our 
  winter temperatures are warmer than in Kansas City, but we've had a 
  very cold spring, which must retard the flowering. It did get up to 
  71 F a few days ago but now is cold and damp again. At least it keeps 
  the daffodils and trilliums looking good for a long time.

  The species peonies I moved from my former garden last fall mostly 
  have done well, including the rather touchy P. tenuifolia. I left the 
  hybrids in the old garden but may dig some next fall if I haven't 
  sold the house by then. I hope to expand a border that is now just a 
  strip of new shrubs by improving the soil enough to plant some hybrid 
  peonies, which I'll buy from local growers. I never had to worry 
  about soil amendment at the former garden because the soil there is 
  free-draining, but now I have to learn about clay.

  Jane McGary
  Portland, Oregon, USA

  At 01:27 PM 5/6/2011, you wrote:
  >Dear PBSers,
  >         So far this has been a terrific season for peonies hre in
  >Kansas City MO. Tomorrow our local peony club is having a
  >display/show open to the public.
  >         My season started with early species and hybrids: P.
  >tenuifolia 'Rosea', P. mlokosewitschii, 'Early Scout' and 'Smouthii".
  >Now about 2 weeks later the tree peonies are going great with some
  >named P. rockii (with those gorgeous deep center flares), Japanese
  >hybrids are just past peak and the first of the Lutea hybrids
  >('Nike') have just opened.

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