Iris anguifuga - pseudo-bulbous??

Dennis Kramb
Thu, 05 May 2011 17:58:20 PDT
Another I. anguifuga flower opened today... and it was sunny all day (no
rain!)... so I *knew* this was my chance to get some good pollen.  Indeed,
all 3 anthers were heavy with pollen, so I smeared it on all 9 stigmatic
lips of all 3 open flowers.  With some luck, I'll have seed to share with
the BX later this year.

The pollen actually made me LOL.  The flower itself is very narrow and
small.  The color is very dark purple/blue with some white.  As for the
pollen color?  BRIGHT ORANGE.  I mean we're talking Cheetos dust orange.  My
fingers looked something like this when I was done...…
but maybe not so greasy.  ;-)


I have to say the vibrant orange against the beautiful dark purple/blue
flowers was quite beautiful!  Even if it did seem fake, somehow.  A lot of
the pollen spilled and collected at the base of the flower.  I took this
crappy photo of it with my cell phone.  It was too dark, so the flash went
off.  It gives you some idea of what I'm talking about.

Dennis in cold/wet Cincinnati

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