BX rate change

Dell Sherk ds429@comcast.net
Sun, 01 May 2011 12:23:51 PDT
Dear participants in the PBS BX (Bulb and Seed Exchange),


For the first time since the PBS BX started in 2002, we have decided to
raise the charges for our BULB offerings on the BX. Seed packet charges will
remain at $2.00. Beginning with BX 274, charges for bulbs will rise,
depending on their weight. Henceforth, charges for bulbs will range from
$3.00 - $5.00. As before, extra postage costs for heavy items will also be


Offerings on the Pacific Bulb Society BX are undeniably some of the best
around. They will continue to be less costly to members than they are from,
perhaps, any other source. Our contributors to the BX  make this all
possible by donating precious plant materials. They  love  geophytic plants
and want to share their successes, knowledge, and opportunities with the
rest of us.  We members would all be pleased to see each of you become a
donor to the BX. Your postage would be reimbursed as credit on the BX.


Grow well,



Dell Sherk, PBS BX



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