The Ides of May

Max Withers
Sun, 15 May 2011 21:39:29 PDT
Dichelostemma ida-maia always blooms for me on May 15, as it does in
its type locality considerably north of here, but its name has nothing
to do with the date. Alphonso Wood, who named it, also noted the

Ixia viridiflora also bloomed for me reliably on this date, but has
now dwindled away completely, and my D. ida-maia is also suffering. I
blame low winter rain (we've had about 20" per year, or less, until
this year), but it could also be compete desiccation in the summer. I
welcome any thoughts.

In the same bulb bed where the Ixia and Dichelostemma were lost, a
single Calochortus superbus that has struggled through the last 5
years or so now has 14 visible buds, the first of which opened today:

I attribute this to better winter rain this year, but I am still
astonished at its promiscuity. I'd be interested to hear of other
floriferous Calochortus.

Finally, I'm about to have a bumper crop of Asphodelus albus, which
I'd be happy to send to the PBX, if there's interest.


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