Which Brunsvigia

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 25 May 2011 22:22:22 PDT
Hi Ina,

I've been working on the wiki Brunsvigia page as I'm going to split 
it up since it is getting really long so have been looking at some of 
the IBSA journals to add some more information when I do so. In one 
of them Dee Snijman has an article on Brunsvigia where she describes 
most of the species. Most of them have leaves that are flat on the 
ground. A couple that don't have red flowers.

Brunsvigia herrei is from Namaqualand and Southern Namibia so isn't 
in the Color Encyclopedia. We don't have a picture of the flowers of 
it on the wiki.

It is described by Dee as 45 cm. high with six suberect to spreading, 
strap-shaped leaves with narrow red margins.  It has up to 40 
delicate pink flowers on straight pedicels with stamens of two 
lengths, the outer less than half as long as the inner. It flowers 
where it grows in March.  I wonder if this is what you have.  Perhaps 
someone else is growing this and can confirm. When did yours bloom?

Mary Sue

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