PBS BX/SX Policy - unavoidable statement.

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Thank you for your posting.  I for one concur with you, having started the seed exchange with American Plant Life many years ago.  It takes a lot of effort and free time to make this work and Dell has done an excellent job for Pacific Bulb Society.  I think in this electronic age we forget that a posting that goes to the membership is not the proper decorum.  Personal correspondence should always be addressed to that person only and if the matter cannot be resolved, it can be taken to the next level.  I rarely post on the site unless I can contribute something useful.  That does not mean that I or many others have no interest in this group.  We are fortunate to have dedicated members who devote their time in the interest of cultivating bulbous plants.  Thank you for all your efforts!
Marvin Ellenbecker

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> From: James Waddick <jwaddick@kc.rr.com>
> Subject: [pbs] PBS BX/SX Policy - unavoidable statement.
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> Date: Monday, May 2, 2011, 9:30 PM
> Dear PBS ers,
>     The PBS BX/SX is a service to our
> members. All items are 
> donated free of charge with a very few exceptions. Dell
> Sherk 
> volunteers all of the time, work and effort to receive,
> review, sort, 
> pack, and ship the bulbs in a prudent manner. For all
> intents and 
> with a few outside board suggestions, all BX decisions are
> up to 
> Dell. We are all very thankful for this leadership and good
> deeds.
>     This is a fund raising effort on behalf
> of PBS that allows us 
> to keep the elist active. Without the BX there would not be
> an elist, 
> wiki, etc.
>     The BX/SX is not a commercial effort and
> in general all 
> offerings are made at an extremely nominal flat rate. Many
> of the 
> items are available from no other commercial source or at a
> considerably higher price than we offer. Our rates reflect
> the costs 
> of postage, shipping supplies and other related materials:
> these 
> inevitably increase on a regular basis.
>     Dell decides what donations to offer and
> when to ship. He has 
> the final say.
>     Only paid members of PBS may select from
> items from the BX 
> and these are meant strictly for personal enjoyment and not
> for 
> resale, trade or other commercial activity.
>     Complaints about the condition of bulbs
> or seeds should go to 
> Dell and Dell will adjust as he judges the situation.
> Complaints 
> SHOULD NOT be posted to the PBS elist as it annoys the
> other members 
> and serves no good end. In most cases BX/SX offerings are
> made 'as 
> is' meaning that Dell is not responsible for the condition
> of the 
> bulbs, germination of seed or any handling errors by the
> postal 
> service. If items come frozen, seeds don't germinate or
> plants don't 
> grow, we are not responsible. Considering the extremely
> modest 
> prices, this is a very small gamble.
>     Finally, complaints about Dell's
> unsatisfactory handling of 
> complaints should be directed to the President of PBS and
> ONLY to the 
> President, not the elist.  Any comments about your
> satisfaction or 
> objections should also be directed to the President. My
> private email 
> is     jwaddick@kc.rr.com
>     If you have any questions write to me -
> NOT the elist.
>     I hope these comments are completely
> clear. It is time to 
> stop annoying our donors and non-members by commenting on
> the BX and 
> to them I apologize for this bit of house keeping. Thanks
> for your 
> understanding.
> Best        Jim W.
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