Pacific BX 275

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 23 May 2011 05:18:05 PDT
Dear all:
             Rhodophiala bifida is one of the easiest and adaptable amaryllid, grown in a surprising variety of climates and soils. Years ago I distributed the form now widely known as "carmine pink" (can also be described as a fuchsia rose). That form is quite rare in the wild, growing in scattered patches and the original population has given the soul mostly.
             R. bifida is quite uniform in color in a given location. This is why it was possible to find a probable origin in South America of the Texan "oxblood lily". Much to my surprise a small population was found where you could see a number of color shades all growing together,  fuchsias, purplish, cerise, etc. It was never possible to otain seed for the BX as every time the tractor lawn mower cut them down. The population is now at the edge of a condo where the "lawn" is maintained regularly "neat".
              This time I decided to take the bull b the horns and collected as many green scapes as possible and put them to ripen. As a result a lot of seed was obtained and this is now available to you. Strongly recommend to try them as there might be no future chances to obtain seed; regular mowing gradually destroys the plants and of course there are no flowers as the leaves are trimmed. Germination tests gave 100% viability. Sow without delay and keep growing for as long as possible out of direct sunshine to prevent their going dormant. They are summer dormant but can not be stored.
Good luck

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