Iris stocksii And Paige Woodward

James Waddick
Mon, 30 May 2011 07:46:53 PDT
Dear PBs Friends,
	I just got the latest bulletin of the Brit. Iris Soc Species 
Group ( Winter 2010/2011) and there are a couple of mentions of our 
own Paige Woodward of Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery in Brit Col. 
Canada. (

	About a year ago Paige received an email out of the blue, 
from a soldier in Afghanistan who found her web site while trying to 
identify an odd plant he found growing on a dam outside of town. 
Without giving all the details away, Paige acted as an expert 
intermediate and plant mediator and urged the connection between a 
few isolated couple of pix and some other iris experts. Now this 
plant, the rare Juno Iris, I. stocksii is (hopefully) established in 
cultivation and flowering at Kew gardens of the RHS.

	The bulletin tells the story, has a host of pix and even 
gives a focus to Paige and her nursery.

	Congratulations are in order. 	Hooray and good job.

  	Now when will the nursery offer plants of the beautiful I 
stocksii for all to enjoy?

			Best		Jim W.
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