Iris bucharica

Jane McGary
Sat, 07 May 2011 17:15:41 PDT
Kathleen on the Oregon coast asked about Scorpiris (Juno) irises.

>Against all expectations of success, I have a few seedlings of Iris 
>bucharica coming up in a well protected pot.
>Would experienced growers of this group share some success tips? I 
>already know that deer and slug protection is essential. Keep in a 
>pot to keep drier in winter, like Iris magnifica? Lots of sun? 
>Better off in a greenhouse than outside in winter?

I know Kathleen's winters are even wetter than mine (hard to imagine, 
given this spring), but in my experience I. bucharica and I. 
magnifica both flourish in the open garden in deep beds of mostly 
sand and gravel. They do need full sun. They are quite cold-hardy. 
Kathleen, the sand, if you use it, should be coarse and sharp, not 
like beach or lower-river sand, which might be difficult on the coast.

Other Junos that did well outdoors in my previous garden in the 
Cascade foothills are I. vicaria and 'Sindpers'.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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