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I am forwarding this inquiry that I received in case any of you can provide advice. The writer is from Saratoga, CA. 


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Hi Dell, 

I have several watsonia shrubs in my garden, and they are beautiful, but they are all decidious.  They bloom and the plant disappears in the Winter.  However, close to our neighborhood there is---I have been told by my nursery---a \"Hy-brid evergreen watsonia\" which gives these beautiful watermelon color flowers.   After the blooms are gone, there remains this pretty green  plant--it does not die down in Winter--and come Spring, the blooms come back the more beautiful.   I would love to order this plant, but I have not had any success so far.  I\'ll take a different color if necessary. 

Can you help me in directing me to  a place that might have this watsonia? 

Thank you, 

Lupe Rutter 

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