Allium /Nectaroscordum

bulborum botanicum
Thu, 19 May 2011 13:49:19 PDT
Of course I understand that new technologies changes a lot
and it is good to understand the plant-world

its just one moment Smilacina is Maianthemum
than they change it back to Smilacina
same for some Allium in Nectaroscordum and back
Acis in Leucojum and back
and so on

you understand that we (bulb growers and -salesman)
slowly get mad from all these changes
customers don't understand it any more
they are finally the people who have to buy the plant
It is difficult enough to teach them proper Latin names

maybe it is better not to change a name
till it is sure the name is correct


> The changes come about because we were able to gather more data, mostly due
> to new technology. In the last 20 years

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