BX rate change

The Silent Seed santoury@aol.com
Mon, 02 May 2011 07:15:04 PDT

Thank you! 
One other question :   Over the fall/winter/spring, I've gotten mostly excellent seeds/bulbs from the BX, but occasionally I will receive a bulb that has mold, or is mushy, or some recalcitrant seeds that arrived rotten. I understand that there is no "guarantee" or anything of the kind. In light of the increase in "price" on bulbs, I think it might be logical to suggest that if a higher-priced bulb arrives in poor condition (unsaveable) or dead, then a return policy might be in order? 
I would have no problem paying the postage to return any such items, if the question of honesty is brought up.
I'm not being stingy here - just raising a logical question, since none of us have money to "throw away." (At least most of us.) 
So, how about a simple, easy, policy for perishables (fleshy seeds/bulbs/etc) since we are going to be spending more money. 

Best, Jude

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