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Mon, 23 May 2011 04:52:30 PDT
Hi- It would be silly if I was the only person- but I have been making a
list of what I have for sale/trade. 

I've been digging up the bulbs to ensure an accurate count.

If the 'Market Place' materializes- I could have my info put together by the
end of this week.


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Dear PBSers,
	Almost 3 weeks ago PBS announced The PBS Market Place as a web site
for members to buy, sell or trade seeds, bulbs, pollen of bulbous plants on
a six-month trial period.


	Your officers thought it might generate some interest from
commercial members and those with a couple choice items they wanted to

	So far, we have had no - ZERO -  activity on the site.

	Ellen Hornig has been volunteering to operate the particulars of
sales and trades, but she has had some unexpected  conflicts with her web
host just as she was about to be out of touch until near the end of the

	She will know soon if she will have to close it down well ahead of
our scheduled trial period.

	Are any members interested in this idea? If you are, please let me
know; but wait until June 1 to contact Ellen at the above email address.  If
there simply is no interest we may cancel this trial early and allow Ellen
to go on to other activities.

	We tried. 			Best	Jim
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