Allium /Nectaroscordum

bulborum botanicum
Wed, 18 May 2011 22:57:41 PDT
the genus Nectaroscordum, but 'eaten' by Allium  not too long ago

Is there somebody who knows why they changed the name again.

for me it is not an Allium
As far as I know are all Allium pollinated by bees
I have never seen a single bee on Nectaroscordum
just bumblebees
maybe the wrong way for botanist
but I don't change Nectaroscordum in Allium
till they really convince me that I am wrong

Too many times I changed a name
afterwards they where wrong,
and I had to change the name again.
I understand that customers use local names
at least they don't change every minute


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