Tropaeolum tuberosum

Mon, 09 May 2011 16:16:57 PDT
Dear Jude,

Tropaeolum majus is an annual plant, so far as I know. T. tuberosum,
however, is tuberous and quite perennial. I have one for years - that's why
I was complaining about lack of bloom. The stem could get leggy if allowed
to develop as a climber but the stems near the base are fat and thick . I
was describing one that had been grown to behave like a succulent bonsai,
with stems nipped back to 12 inches and side stems nipped back to the local
stem. Great looking specimen.

San Diego  

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To all,
The common ones sold in seed form in "every box store" are T. majus? Is that
correct? I've never seen tubers on those - has anybody grown the T.
tuberosum year-round, or at least more than one season, after its initial
dormancy, or is it a true annual? Do they get very "leggy" like the common

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