The Bulb Garden
Wed, 18 May 2011 04:59:10 PDT
By now members are starting to receive the Spring issue of The Bulb
Garden. Take a look at the Denver Botanical Garden and its bulb
collections. Be sure and check out Bob Werra's volunteer activities and
consider emulating them. Jane McGary has reviewed a new book and
Marguerite English takes us out into her California garden.

We are putting together the Summer issue and have a couple of articles
promised. But we can always use more contributions. if you enjoyed the
book review, perhaps you would like to do one of your own for us--the book
doesn't have to be new; how about telling us about a title that has a
special place on your bulb gardening bookshelf?

We are always looking for future articles. So please let me know if you
can write one or if you know of someone who could or if you would like to
see a certain subject featured in The Bulb Garden.

Jane Merryman
Editor, The Bulb Garden

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