Dead Horse Arum

James Waddick
Thu, 12 May 2011 08:26:06 PDT
>  Yours is in full sun, or does it get any shade during the day?

Dear Susan and all,

	I now have a half dozen plants on a west facing slope so it 
gets the hottest sun of the day. It has some small trees to the east 
so it doesn't get full sun until late morning. Then it is full hot 

what do muscivores eat?  flies?  or am i totally misunderstanding the
specific epithet?

	On the PBS wiki, it explains how Helicodiceros 'eats' flies:

	as part of it's pollination behavior.

	On the first day of bloom the flower attracts more flies than 
anyone would imagine are 'out' this time of year. The tail like 
spadix is covered in all manner of flies and they eagerly crawl into 
the hole to get trapped (eaten?)  in the bulbous spathe base. Of 
course it doesn't really 'eat' them, but some do perish in the 
enclosed space.

	I'll probably offer some tubers to the BX later in the year. 
Try it..... if yo dare.		best	Jim
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