muscivorous geophytes

Dennis Kramb
Thu, 12 May 2011 13:14:42 PDT
I saw the funniest tagline on a CP forum, that only Sarracenia & Star Wars
nerds would get.  "Leuc, I am your flava!"  Then something about "now we
know Princess Leah's last name... Wilkerson!"

I can't believe you're a month early with bloom.  I'm almost a month
behind.  My arils & arilbred irises are only just now reaching peak bloom.
Usually they start in mid-April and have long faded away by mid May.  Iris
cristata is still going strong, and it should be finished before now too.

I think those 37 days of continuous rain last month (slight exaggeration)
kept everything held back.  We are finally getting temps in the 80's and
90's so things will accelerate dramatically now.

All my Sarrs (except for S. minor) have bloom stalks of nearly identical
size/height/age.  Synchronized bloom would make it easy for me to get seed
for the PBS BX.  :-)

I kindof hate you for being able to grow Heliamphora.  I'm far too noobish
to try.  But wow, what a completely awesome genus!  I'm thoroughly envious!
I am trying to raise Darlingtonia from seed.  I would cherish those if any
actually grow for me.

Dennis in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA  (Zone 6)

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 2:18 PM, Brian Whyer <>wrote:

> > speaking of eating flies... my Sarracenia are producing their first bloom
> > stalks.... I'm so excited!
> With such an early warm spring here this year my Sarracenia flava flowered
> a month ago growing frost free, maybe a mopnth earlier than usual.
> > My Pinguiculas have been blooming like crazy for months now, but since
> > those aren't geophytes, I won't even mention them.
> Pinguicula grandiflora dies back in the winter to a rootless resting bud,
> which I reckon counts as a "bulb". It even has miniscule offsets that I
> propagate from, although the dust like seed produces dozens of new plants
> too. Flowering has just finished for me.
> If only I could get some P. alpina going. Seedex seed has never worked.
> I over-wintered Heliamphora nutans this year with 7C minimum. I was told it
> required 14C min. when I bought it and just took the chance. seems fine.
> Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8 ish

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