Wild Flowers of the Roggeveld and Tanqua

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Thu, 26 May 2011 11:33:24 PDT

The postings to the wiki of Roggeveld flora ably demonstrate to variety and beauty of the bulbs from this region.  Very recently a beautiful Field Guide of the flora of the Roggeveld and the Tanqua Karroo was published by a local expert, Dr Helga van der Merwe, who lives on a farm near Calvinia.  It is a comprehensive Guide with beautiful photographs of  a large number of representative species in the region.  The geophytes are particularly well represented.  The photographs were taken by Helga and Noel van Rooyen and the text and editing by Helga and Gretel van Rooyen. 

The Guide is prefaced with interesting information about the area covered, including the climate, geology and soils, land-use practices, conservation status and tourist attractions.  It will be most useful to all who might visit Middelpos and Sutherland and the arid Tanqua Karoo - especially to those who will be attending the forthcoming IBSA symposium at the end of August and who will take part in the Middlepos weekend after the symposium.

We obtained our copies from Helga van der Merwe herself.  Her contact details are:  
Dr. Helga van der Merwe (Pri.Sci.Nat.)   P.O. Box 1, Calvinia 8190 Tel/Fax: 027 3412578  Email: soekop@hantam.co.za

It is very likely that  Rachel and Rod Saunders will have copies at Silverhill.

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