BX rate change

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 02 May 2011 10:59:29 PDT
I would like to point out that the X in BX stands for exchange. The 
BX is a way for members of this group to exchange seeds and bulbs. 
The amount charged is to cover the costs. The cost is going up 
because it is costing more to do this. Luckily Dell doesn't charge 
the Pacific Bulb Society for his time because that would mean the 
cost would be much higher.

Those of us who participate in exchanges do so at our own risk. Many 
times I'm not able to get seeds to germinate that I have received 
from a lot of exchanges, but whether this is because the seeds aren't 
viable or the fault is that I'm not using the proper procedures to 
have good results I never know. And countless times I've found when 
something ends up blooming it is something else. This can be 
disappointing, but it also can be a good thing depending on what it 
is. I haven't had success with everything I have received from the 
BX, but there have been many items that have brought me happiness and 
would have cost far more if I have purchased them.

There is a time delay between when people send things to Dell before 
he can offer them and mail them. Occasionally this may result in a 
problem developing that he may not know about. I am sure that he 
doesn't send bulbs that look diseased.

In the past if I find that the exchange I am participating in is not 
generating the results I'd like to have, I stop participating in it. 
If Jude is unhappy with the BX, that is an option available to him.

Mary Sue

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