Brunsvigia bosmaniae

Mon, 23 May 2011 08:20:55 PDT
So beautiful photographs!

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> A number of years ago on another bulb list there was a thread about 
> when is the best time to visit South Africa. It was a really heated 
> discussion with many of us coming away with the conclusion that it 
> depended entirely on what you wanted to see. Was it the daisies of 
> Namaqualand, the spring blooming bulbs of Nieuwoudtville or 
> Middelpos, the summer rainfall bulbs of the Eastern Cape or the 
> Drakensberg? You'd have to go at different times and hopefully in a 
> year of rainfall at the right time to see all of these . One of the 
> possibilities was to go at a time when the fall blooming amaryllids 
> were in bloom. Rachel Saunders has shared photos of Brunsvigia 
> bosmaniae blooming in Nieuwoudtville and what a sight it is!
> If you go to the page to look and know anything about Babiana and 
> have an opinion about some of the species I wasn't able to identify 
> from our trip in September 2006, please speak up.
> Mary Sue
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