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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 09 May 2011 07:47:44 PDT

We announced a few weeks ago that ibiblio was moving to a new 
location and in the process making a number of changes. At first we 
thought everything was working without problems after the move. We 
haven't noted anything not working on the wiki, but there seem to be 
a number of problems with the mail list. David is working with them 
now on trying to sort out the archives which were renumbered which 
means that google searches are coming up empty and posts we have 
linked to on the wiki are usually broken.

Another problem has surfaced. Many of you have multiple email 
addresses. In the past we have added second addresses as approved so 
if you posted to the group with one of those addresses the messages 
would get through. At least two people have reported that when 
posting from a second address the message has not appeared in email 
or the archives. These messages aren't appearing as bounces or as 
held messages either so list administrators are unaware of them. They 
are just disappearing. So if you post to the list and your message 
does not arrive, please check to see if the address you used was the 
same one that you used when you subscribed to the list. If not, you 
may wish to resend it under the other email address or change the 
email address on the list if the second address is an address you 
will mostly be using. Another option is to subscribe to the list 
under a second address and set the address where you don't want to 
get messages to nomail.  I'm sorry about this. We opened a help 
ticket with ibiblio about this and this is the suggestion they gave us.

Mary Sue
pbs list and wiki administrator

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