Hardy Nerine bowdenii

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Sat, 07 May 2011 07:28:37 PDT
There's the critical difference, Jim...you got yours from a reputable nurseryman; I got mine from eBay :-).

But that may actually be a key factor, because when I buy bulbs on eBay I often look for the ones people describe as having a 40-year (or 80-year) history, i.e. bulbs that they're thinning from their gardens. These are, somewhere else, the "keepers", and even though they're never from a climate like mine, I can assume that they've endured a wide range of ups and downs over the years.

If nothing else, buying on eBay is good sport, plus an occasional virus-infected plant...but you could get those from a "reputable" grower too.  Stuff happens.


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>Good luck with the bowdenii!  I've mentioned before that I played with 
>bowdenii in the garden several years back.  Partial, limited, success.
>I got 40 bulbs of a clone that survives the winter outdoors in the ground 
>in Aad Koen's nursery in the Netherlands.  (etc)

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