Ae-Ae Bananas

James Waddick
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 15:16:19 PST
	Bananas, by the way, are quite suited to this forum as large geophytes

  Then I will send Dell one or two of the Ae-Ae pups this spring for the BX

  		Mark .

Dear Lee and Dell,
	The BX may have to consider a unique auction on these pups. I 
have seen them offered for upwards of $250. SIGNA just auctioned 3 
packets of a some new rare iris seeds and made a good amount of $$

Lee wrote:	Wow, you grow Ae-Ae? Would there be bidding on the 
one or two pups

  		I've heard they are difficult to keep going. The 
photos of them always look amazing.

	Yes they do have some specific needs. I grow it and I know of 
another PBS person who grows it (my source), but it is somewhat 

	Thanks, Mark, but don't count your pups before.... Winter has 
just begun!	Best	Jim

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