Romulea was unknown bulb

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 05 Nov 2011 21:55:19 PDT
I'm guessing perhaps Romulea atrandra as it is a species that blooms 
later. Romulea kombergensis at least in my experience blooms much 
earlier (August-September in habitat.) Both have four grooved leaves 
and corms are rounded at the base, with curved acuminate 
teeth.  Looking at the key the difference between R. atrandra and R. 
R. kombergensis- perianth cup brown at the base when fresh, not 
longitudinally striped; anthers usually coiled, pollen usually brown 
or rust colored; membranous margins of inner bracts as wide as the 
green median zone throughout
R. atrandra- perianth cup yellow at the base, often longitudinally 
striped; anthers erect, pollen yellow or orange; membranous margins 
of inner bracts narrower than the green median zone, at least below

Hopefully this information will help you to identify what you have.

Mary Sue

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