Oxalis ID needed

AW awilson@avonia.com
Tue, 29 Nov 2011 09:38:22 PST
Dear Mary Sue, 

I find this quite distinct from the O. commutata that I grow. The latter
starts very early and finished blooming well over a month ago, while this
one is nearing its peak now. The coloration is  deeper and the leaves of the
two also differ. Also, the O. commutata is low to the ground while this one
is 10 to 12 cm tall. So, if it is O. commutata then it is certainly a rather
distinct ssp.


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Even though I was given the name Oxalis caprina for MV4674 I think that
accession looks just like Oxalis commutata. Oxalis caprina is labeled in
Cape Plants as a frequent weed of cultivation so perhaps they have that in
common although MV4674 hasn't been a weed for me. I guessed O. caprina from
Andrew's photo since it is one of a few with more than one flower in the
peduncle (2-4, pale lilac with a greenish tube). I thought I had just sent
the message to Andrew, not the list, since it was just a guess and I assumed
one of the Oxalis experts would weigh in. But it was late and...

Mary Sue

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