It's driving me crazy

Jim McKenney
Fri, 25 Nov 2011 12:10:32 PST
Jane McGary
wrote: "Having been a lexicographer during my long career, I suggest that
do not initiate a discussion of the difference between American and 
British spellings."
Good advice, Jane, and I'm glad you did not
say the same thing about the differences in pronunciation. There is one such
example this group might enjoy exploring: fritillary.
Brits in my experience say fra TIL er ry and North Americans say
FRE til lair re. And I wonder if the lepidopterists do it differently. 
I've often wondered if there is not a basic rule behind this. For
instance, those who have studied Latin know that the Latin accent occurs only
on one of the last three syllables of the word. There are many instances of
words which in their American pronunciation have the accent four or more
syllables back, while the corresponding Britspeak places the accent within the
last-three-syllables rule. 
Anyone care to comment (other than "quit the OT stuff")?
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