Agapanthus africanus ssp. walshii

John Grimshaw
Sat, 26 Nov 2011 07:12:52 PST
RE Linda S's question on propagating Agapanthus africanus subsp. walshii:

I think the best results will come from sowing fresh seed directly into a 
very well-drained mix. When I sowed a batch of fresh seed it came up very 
quickly and thickly - too thickly, I think.  If I were to have seed again 
I'd sow it rather more sparsely and then leave the young plants to develop a 
bit more body before transplanting them.

I am curious to know how widely cultivated this plant is in the USA. It's 
very rare in British collections (and not at all common in the wild, so it 
is a plant we should make every effort to maintain in cultivation). Also, 
does it go dormant/stop growing in the Californian summer?

Here (in a pot) it makes slow growth through the year. My only plant that 
survived to flowering finally bloomed (after 11-12 yrs)  in August 2010, as 
reported in my Garden Diary…

Fortunately the plant did not die, as feared, and over the course of this 
year has slowly organized itself into two new growing points. It didn't set 
seed though, despite pollination - it would probably be useful to have 
another clone for cross-pollination purposes.

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