Spellings and Fall

iain@auchgourishbotanicgarden.org info@auchgourishbotanicgarden.org
Fri, 25 Nov 2011 12:20:20 PST
Thank you very much to everyone who took the trouble to explain the origin or derivation of Fall. I am as a Scot particularly pleased to learn that its all the fault of the English and not laid at the door of some defenceless poor Amerindians, they already have had a lot to cope with after we Europeans arrived uninvited but thankfully we can share their stunning Autumn leaf colours, even if only from photographs on our side of the Big Pond. Once again thanks for clearing that up. By the by, in Scotland we often use gray versus grey but recently increasing cultural swamping from our southern neighbours have eroded the frequency of use for us of Gray, my English wife often suggests I shut up about stuff but wee daft Highlanders just love to wind them up, our Celtic genes inhibit discretion.

Here at approximately, very approximately, USDA equivalent 6a we have snow at last, too soon to last but heh you have to start somewhere sometime, what we badly need now are a few weeks at - 5C and lower, job done.


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