Bulborum Botanicum
Sun, 27 Nov 2011 15:20:30 PST
I have my database and some pictures I use commercial also (free)
encrypted on-line
for if my laptop is stolen or I don't know what can happen (fire ,
explosion , lightning  , power cut , computer-crash)
it is possible with a code to enter for friends a small part
I use Dropbox
2 GB free to use
If you want a invitation just PM me
No Spam
No advertisement
and you can work where yo are on the world with or without an internet
there is an automatic synchronization if you worked of-line


2011/11/28 Robin Carrier <>:
> what's an SQL?
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> Randall P. Linke wrote: Data bases are not for the meek.
> I would like to differ. A database is just that -- it could be a box of
> handwritten 3x5 cards or pages in a loose-leaf binder or, some high-falutin'
> expensive P.C. program. The medium is unimportant: the only important things
> are that the data are easy to maintain and access. As a person who has spent
> a
> career as a database professional, I might choose to keep my data in 3rd
> normal
> form on a SQL database in a PC -- for me, that is the simplest and most
> obvious
> way to maintain data. But database means a place where data are kept; how
> you
> choose to keep them is up to you, as long as you can access and maintain
> your
> data easily.
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