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Fri, 25 Nov 2011 02:59:26 PST
I am totally with Jim Waddick on this, if taking time and trouble to write anything why not do it correctly in the first place. As plantsmen it is reasonable to assume awareness of Latin orthography is a given in which case then what's not to use it correctly, to do otherwise just leads to confusion. The one language in science which is accepted around the world, even by the Russians and Chinese albeit through gritted teeth, is Latin. For standard English speakers, the majority, we are also mystified by the need for non standard spellings of words such as colour - color, etc. An illustration presumably of the alledgedly old maxim of two countries separated by a common language. Ce la vie, to introduce a second or third one. On a separate but not entirely unrelated topic would some kind person explain, if its known, the origin of the word FALL when used in the context of Autumn please? Perhaps it might have come into English through translation from Athabascan or a related Atl
 antic coast North American Amerindian language, its probably not important to know but interesting none the less.

Snowing here at 58 North this morning but hopefully not laying long, our plants are hopelessly confused with extraordinary mild Autumn weather, Primula cashmiriana has started flowering again some 5 months early, a couple of Lilium taxa have broken through above ground, ditto Irises waking up. Investigating potted Frits, Crocus, Narcissus tells the same story and several Paeone seem hell bent on suicide. Its all heading for hell in a hand cart if the proper cold weather fails to return. Several tree and shrub genera have buds swelling with leafs starting to break out.. Weird !


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