Hippeastrum bukasovii -- Possibly Epiphytic?

Joshua Young joshuakyleyoung@gmail.com
Sun, 20 Nov 2011 11:54:14 PST
Hi Guys,

   So, I've noticed my H. bukasovii has a strange growing pattern similar
to the epiphytic species H. papilio, H. calyptratum and very similar to
Pamianth peruviana.  There are many, many roots growing on top of the
medium as well as circling the clay pot (well above the medium), at first I
thought about possible reproduction via stolons but they're surely roots.
I know from my friend that visited the habitat that they grow amongst leaf
litter in a deciduous forest, he said they weren't anchored well into the
ground.  I'm assuming they were growing on top of the leaves and other
plant material by the way he described them to me.  Does anyone else notice
this type of growth?

   I have noticed that H. neoleopoldii is stoloniferous as well as my H.
macbrideii, I assume many Peruvian species multiply this way including H.



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