Spelling, etymologies, and other diversions

lou jost loujost@yahoo.com
Fri, 25 Nov 2011 19:36:33 PST
I really like the quirky side-roads often taken by our posters. In fact I often find them more interesting than the straight bulb stuff. Really, nobody needs to read these off-topic posts; their subject headings provide clear warnings, so that the pure bulbophiles will not waste the ten seconds it takes to read the post. I hope that none of our more expansive contributors self-censor themselves to keep the list "pure".
   I also urge people not to be offended by bluster. So what if somebody goes ballistic about a spelling error? Learn from it if you want, ignore it if you prefer, but don't take it personally. When something like this happens, he or she is actually blustering about some abstract principle that really has very little to do with you.  After all, the person really doesn't know you. Be brave. The internet can't hurt you, rather it is a refreshing place where people can criticize and learn from each other openly and safely.  It is ok to make a fool of ourselves now and then. Who cares?? 

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