Labelling seeds Was: sowing Moraea seeds

David Ehrlich
Sun, 27 Nov 2011 11:18:54 PST
Marilyn Daly wrote:  They go into the category 'Lola'--Lost Label!

I love Lola.  I've been labelling mine Unlabeled-### or 
Unknown-###.  (Sometimes I find things growing in a pot that don't match the 
label or that I don't recall having planted.)  Aside from the label, I give 
every plant an accession number (Yr-xxx) and I keep two data base files, one 
alphabetized by plant name (including Unknown, etc) in which I maintain all the 
plant's information and history, and the other a numerical list which translates 
the accession number into the plant name.  Critters both bipedal and quadrupedal 
do mix up some lables (why I have so many with names beginning with Un) but the 
accession number is simple and easy to fix to the pot.

David E.

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