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This is a message sent to the PBS website. Can anyone help this man out? 


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This is a message from the PBS website for dellsherk. 

Ernesto Sandoval at UC Davis suggested I contact you in my quest to find a source (or sources) of white Amaryllis Belladonna X Crinum hybrids.  We have purchased bulbs in the past from the UC Davis Arboretum plant sale marked as x. Amaristites multiflora \"Hawthor\" but the Arboretum isn\'t offering them for sale currently because they are using all their bulb divisions in an expanding planting in the Storer White Garden.    We have also purchased some pink flowering forms as well.  I can forward pictures of both in bloom if that is helpful. 

Your pictures of the Les Hannibal hybrids are consistent with the bulbs we have. 

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