Some bulb news from South Africa

Michael Mace
Sun, 06 Nov 2011 00:07:49 PDT
While doing some plant research online, I recently ran across the Facebook
page of Crew, a volunteer group in South Africa that searches for and
monitors endangered plant species.…


Their page lists rare flowers they've found, including a lot of bulbs.  They
have also published several newsletters that I found online.  I was
surprised and delighted by some of the things I read, and thought I should
pass them along...



--A white form of Moraea tulbaghensis, with blue-green nectar guides, has
been discovered at Riebeeck Valley.
(page 18)


--A beautiful undescribed romulea, tomato red with a huge yellow center, was
discovered at a farm in Riviersonderend.

(page 20)


--A second population of Moraea insolens has been discovered near Caledon.
I thought M. insolens grew in only a single site, so this was good news.

vol7april2011copy2.pdf (page 3)


--Two plants of Moraea loubseri were seen blooming in the wild this past
spring.  It has not been seen for several years, and the authorities were
beginning to worry that it had gone extinct in the wild.…


--A stunning white and red form of Geissorhiza radians was discovered.
Think twice before you click on this link -- to see the flower is to lust
after it.…



I'm sure this is all old news for folks in South Africa, but over here in
California I wasn't aware of any of it.  To me, the information above just
underlines how rich the flora is in South Africa, and how much remains to be
learned about it.



San Jose, CA


PS: The folks at Crew kindly gave us permission to reproduce their photos on
the PBS wiki, so I'm copying a few of them over.  The first one was that
Geissorhiza, of course.

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