membership renewals

Jane McGary
Mon, 28 Nov 2011 19:39:13 PST
Thanks to Dennis for alerting PBS paid members about the need to 
renew -- by January 1, please!

Renewal payments can be made online using PayPal, or sent directly to 
the Treasurer, Arnold Trachtenberg, 140 Lakeview Dr., Leonia, NJ 
07605, USA. Arnold will notify me (the Membership Coordinator) to 
update the database.

You can also update your entire membership profile if you wish via 
the website. Arnold and I automatically receive any new profiles.

When I get any membership notification via the website, I always 
check to see if the person is already on the membership list or is a 
new member.

Hope you all will be joining us again in 2012!

Jane McGary
Membership Coordinator

PM 11/28/2011, you wrote:
>OK.  I'm early, but I'm sitting here paying bills so I thought I better
>send in my PBS membership renewal.
>But I'm old.  And I'm confused.  LOL.  Do I send my renewal to Jane, the
>same as website says to do for new members?
>I like the idea of updating all my membership information (favorite bulbs,
>favorite plants, etc.) but I seem to recall already doing that a few months
>ago via email... but damned if I can find evidence of that.

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